Nicola and Francesca – Italy

Nicola and Francesca – Italy

We moved to Rotterdam six months ago and we wanted to learn a bit of Dutch.

We met Avalon during an AvaLingua Exchange meeting and we asked her to give us some lessons.

We must say that by the end of the first course we are very satisfied. We have not only learnt the basics of the Dutch grammar, but we have also improved our writing, speaking and listening skills.

We are very happy that the course improved our spoken Dutch, in fact, we are finally able to have basic conversations with our Dutch friends.

Since we both work full time and at the end of the day we were really tired, Avalon organized the course in a nice and interactive way, with small games, dialogues, songs, riddles and this made the lessons more dynamic and easy to follow.

Truly recommended

Nicola and Francesca – Italy

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