Learning and Living Dutch

New online conversational & full level courses start in May 2024

The Dutch courses at AvaLingua are all about interaction and practicing your Dutch in real life.

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Learning and Living Dutch

Small group courses
(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

During the small group courses you will learn how to put your Dutch into practice in everyday situations.

You could start with us from scratch and join our full level beginner course (A1), you could also join the full level courses on an intermediate (A2, B1) and advanced level (B2,C1) or give your speaking skills a boost (conversational courses: A2, B1) or follow our new course: Architecture & Dutch.

During the full level course, we will work on different skills: listening, reading, writing and most of all speaking. Regularly, we will go outside of the classroom. Some examples of the activities are finding your way through the supermarket, interviewing people and ordering something in a café. For the online classes we created interesting different activities. Maximum 7 students will be in the group.

Schedule: new courses start in May again. Level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

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Learning and Living Dutch

Private classes

Private classes will be adjusted to your needs. You could choose the level, the length and intensity of the classes.

Next to that, you could decide on which specific skills you would like to focus, like: speaking and conversation, listening, reading, writing or grammar.

We could also help you to prepare for a specific exam, like the civic integration exam or the staatsexam (I or II).

During the private classes you will have all the attention of the teacher and in that way you will progress faster. Private courses could be alone or with your partner, friend or colleague for example.

Schedule: we create a convenient schedule for you. We could start when you're ready for it. We are flexible during the mornings and afternoons.

Level:  We could easily adjust it to your personal preferences.


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New course: Architecture & Dutch 

This is a course especially for ARCHITECTS, URBAN PLANNERS, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS and DESIGNERS or people working related to this field that would like to improve their Dutch language skills in a professional way.
We have a lot of students working in this field and upon request of our students, we created a course designed to put Dutch in to practice in your daily work life too: Architecture & Dutch. Read more information about this course here.


Read the experiences of students who already joined courses at AvaLingua

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Myra DischantMyra Dischant
17:19 15 Jan 23
Avalon is an amazing teacher, very kind and accommodating. Gezellige docent 🙂 I followed the A1 course, because I was interested to learn the language. Another + is that it offers a full online class which is very convenient for a busy professional like me, no need to rush in traffic, I just have to login to the class and meet the group ready for the next lesson! Now, I have more vocabulary and better understanding of basic grammar. During this A1 course, you will learn to make sense of the day-to-day Dutch words you hear. And you will start understanding some of the basic Dutch conversation. I’m excited to continue my learning journey in the A2 group. Dank je wel, Avalon / Avalingua! Tot ziens. 🙂
Shailaja ShahShailaja Shah
08:06 29 Aug 22
Before I started my Dutch Lessons at AvaLingua, I had a lack of confidence in speaking and grammar. Now, I am more comfortable with the language. I also like how each class is structured into time slots. You do different things in the same class so you keep your mind active all the time. I chose the classes at AvaLingua because of the small group courses and affordable fees. Are you considering classes with AvaLingua? Go for it! Don't have second thoughts.
Marion ChalotMarion Chalot
10:46 26 Aug 22
I followed the A1 course, and soon will start with A2 course. The A1 course was very entertaining, I like the variety of material and how Avalon makes learning Dutch fun. The material provided also makes it easier to understand, it is very clear. I decided to take classes with AvaLingua because they are online and it was recommended by a friend. I recommend the course! But be motivated to do homeworks as well, otherwise you don’t learn. Go for it! 🙂
katya soedigwankatya soedigwan
16:57 14 Mar 22
AvaLingua is a great place to learn Dutch. I follow private classes with Avalon and she has seen me grow from A0 to B1 very quickly. Although it is pricy, it's worth every cent. Avalon is a fantastic and patient teacher, she makes sure I understand all of the Dutch grammar and language rules before going to the next topic. The private classes with Avalon also offer a great deal of flexibility, so I can discuss a multitude of topics and ideas with her, especially ones that relate to my job. I highly recommend her if you're looking to learn Dutch at a deeper level!