Free access

Bonus: Free access to language exchange meetings

During the time of your Dutch course at AvaLingua you will have free access to the AvaLingua Exchange Meetings in every city or online. You could put your Dutch immediately into practice with native speakers.

What is a AvaLingua Exchange? It is for people who are interested in face-to-face language exchanges in the Netherlands. Once a week you can join a meeting where you will talk in small groups in the language of your choice for one hour. This way you will have the chance to practice your Dutch. The following hour you will help others to practice your language. However, AvaLingua Exchange is not only about practicing languages, it’s also a good way to get to know other people, make new friends and to expand your network. During the meetings you will discover different cultures, because people of different cultural backgrounds join the weekly meetings.

If you want to join a meeting, just be sure that you subscribe at least one day before the meeting.

For an impression of the meetings have a look at this video: