Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

Version: 17th of November 2023

By enrolling in a Dutch language course at AvaLingua you accept the following terms and conditions. You refers to the student who enrolled for a course at AvaLingua. The date of the agreement of these terms and conditions starts on the day that you enroll in the course via the website.


  1. Enrollment

1.1 A spot in a course is assured when you fill out the enrollment form at the website, when you have received a confirmation mail with the details of the course from AvaLingua and when AvaLingua has received the payment of your course fee.

1.2 When the course is full, it is not possible to enroll anymore, but you can enroll for the waiting list. AvaLingua will contact you as soon as there is a spot in the course available for you.


  1. Prices and payment

2.1 The prices of the courses are indicated on the website. The price will be confirmed via email. If you enroll in a course you are obligated to pay the full amount of the course upon what you agreed to.

2.2 The prices of private courses will be agreed on, depending on the amount of classes and students. The price will be confirmed via email. If you enroll in a course you are obligated to pay the full amount of the course upon what you agreed to.

2.3 The Dutch courses at AvaLingua are exempted of VAT.

2.4 The payment should be done at least 5 working days before the start of the course. If this is not the case, you could lose your place in the group.

2.5 Payments are made by wire transfer to NL16 KNAB 0257 6066 88 attn. AvaLingua mentioning the number of your invoice. We will always send you an official invoice via email after your enrolment.

2.6 There is the possibility to pay the total amount in 2 installments. If you would like to make use of this, you have to inform AvaLingua about it via your enrollment form (in the field: additional information). AvaLingua will charge you 5% extra for the administration costs.


  1. Cancellation of the course

3.1 After enrollment the 14 days cooling off period starts. During this time you are able to cancel the course free of charge. The cancellation should be done by sending an e-mail to info@avalingua.nl.

3.2 Cancellations can be made up until 5 days before the start of the course. After this time no refunds will be provided. It might be possible to reschedule your course, please contact AvaLingua by sending an e-mail info@avalingua.nl.

3.3 AvaLingua has the right to cancel a course up to 24 hours before start of the course. This will only happen if there are not enough students, in a group class a minimum of 3 students is needed, or because of unforeseen circumstances the course cannot take place. The full amount of the course fee will be refunded within 14 working days.


  1. Cancellation of a class/ lesson

4.1. The course dates are online available. You are responsible for attending the classes according to the schedule.

4.2 The dates of private courses will be agreed on beforehand, depending on the schedule of you and AvaLingua. The dates will be confirmed via email.

4.3 It is your responsibility to attend the classes. In case of absence, no refund will be given. AvaLingua will provide you with information about the missing class.

4.4. The rescheduling of the dates of private courses is possible if this is done 24 hours in advance for the assigned class. If the cancellation is done later than 24 hours, it won’t be possible to reschedule and the class is charged as usual. The rescheduling should be done within the latest one week after the originally-planned course duration.

4.5 In case of unforeseen circumstances of the teacher (like illness) AvaLingua will try to arrange another teacher so that the class can still continue. If this won't be possible, the class will be rescheduled.



  1. AvaLingua certificate

5.1 If you attended more than 80% of the classes and passed the final exam, you will receive the AvaLingua certificate with a CEFR indication on it.


  1. Free access to AvaLingua Exchange meetings

6.1 During the time of your Dutch course at AvaLingua you will have free access to the AvaLingua Exchange Meetings in every city and online. If you want to join a meeting, just be sure that you subscribe at least one day before that the meeting take place.


  1. During class

7.1 AvaLingua is able to refuse you if you - according to AvaLingua - are showing inappropriate behavior (like discriminating, sexual, aggressive) during time of the class. Then you will not receive a refund.


  1. Damage to property

8.1 If you cause damage to property you should pay the full cost of this.

8.2. AvaLingua is not liable for theft, damage or loss of the possessions of students during the classes.


  1. Location

9.1 The location of the courses offered by AvaLingua will be held mostly in The Hague or online. AvaLingua will inform you as soon as possible where the course will take place. If the location needs to be changed this will be communicated timely with you.

9.2 The location of private courses will be agreed on beforehand. The location will be confirmed via email.


  1. Materials of AvaLingua

10.1 AvaLingua owns intellectual property over the study material provided. You are not allowed to share it with any other party. Unless permission is asked via email (info@avalingua.nl) and approved.

 10.2 During the course online study material will be shared with you. You could download the online study material. Your access to the online study material will be removed one week after the group course and private course is finished.


  1. Complaints

11.1 In case of any complaints AvaLingua will make every effort to resolve the issue in the best way possible. Complaints can be submitted by email to info@avalingua.nl or discussed with the staff/ teacher directly.


12.Promotion conditions


12.1 The specific promotion conditions are indicated below for each promotion.


12.2 Christmas promotion 2023: if you enroll in a small group or conversational course, you will have the opportunity to join a Dutch conversation gathering provided by AvaLingua for free.


12.3 You will receive it, if you enroll and pay the full amount of the course before the 28th of December 2023. This action is valid from the 17th of November 2023, 12:00 to the 28th of December 2023, 23:59 CET.


12.4 It will be a 2-hour Dutch conversation gathering in total. It will take place ON LOCATION in either The Hague or Rotterdam (to be decided). It will be on Friday, 9th of February 2023, 17:00 – 19:00 CET.


12.5 In case of any complaints AvaLingua will make every effort to resolve the issue in the best way possible. Complaints can be submitted by email to info@avalingua.nl.


 13. Privacy statement

13.1 You agree with the privacy statement and you will also use personal data of AvaLingua and the other students confidential.


 14. Final clauses

14.1 The Dutch law is applicable on these terms and conditions.

14.2 By enrolling for the course you agree with the terms and conditions.

14.3 We can modify the terms and conditions from time to time. Whenever these modifications are
significant, we will clearly notify you via e-mail. Whenever you receive such a notification, we recommend you to read it carefully. If you have chosen not to share your email address, we recommend you to check our terms and conditions on our website on a regular basis, to stay up to date.