Kate - United States

Avalon is an incredible teacher. She has a knack for bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in a comfortable and engaging environment, which is highly conducive to learning.

I took a beginner level course with Avalon and it was exactly what I was looking for. I started not knowing how to say a single word in Dutch and in the last class, when we went outside to talk to Dutch people using what we had learned, I found that I was able to comfortably have basic conversations. I know that it was because of Avalon's teaching approach that was organized and flexible, challenging and fun, that I was able to get to this point.

Not only did I learn about the Dutch language, but I also learned about the culture from Avalon's classes. She was always happy to answer our questions that we had about living in the Netherlands and even things I had never thought to ask. She goes above and beyond to make her students feel comfortable in the classroom as well as in the community.

I would recommend Avalingua to tourists and expats alike. Many people will say you don't need Dutch to travel or live in the Netherlands, but I believe that the experience you will have if you do take Dutch courses with Avalon will be much more enriching and exciting, as you will be able to interact with locals and understand the culture in a deeper way.


Donney - Cuba

Ok, para mi en lo personal las clases de holandés fueron muy buenas. Yo tuve la oportunidad de tomar clases con dos personas y fue muy divertido. Salimos a la calle hicimos juegos en internet, para mi es la primera vez que aprendo un idioma y difícil.

No hay que preocuparse la profesora Avalon siempre busca la mejor manera, como dije antes con juegos saliendo a la calle a interactuar con otras personas e intercambios para mejorar a la hora de hablar que es la parte más difícil para algunas personas. Avalon es una profesora muy especial con mucha paciencia y dedicada con lo que hace, note que para ella es un placer ayudar a otras personas hablar su propio idioma. Elija la a ella no se van arrepentir.

Dankjewel mevrouw Avalon

Nicola and Francesca

Nicola and Francesca - Italy

We moved to Rotterdam six months ago and we wanted to learn a bit of Dutch.

We met Avalon during an AvaLingua Exchange and we asked her to give us some lessons.

We must say that by the end of the first course we are very satisfied. We have not only learnt the basics of the Dutch grammar, but we have also improved our writing, speaking and listening skills.

We are very happy that the course improved our spoken Dutch, in fact, we are finally able to have basic conversations with our Dutch friends.

Since we both work full time and at the end of the day we were really tired, Avalon organized the course in a nice and interactive way, with small games, dialogues, songs, riddles and this made the lessons more dynamic and easy to follow.

Truly recommended 🙂

Fabian - Germany /UK

Conversational and practical.

Through Avalon's class we not only looked to learnt the underlying grammar and vocabulary, but how to engage with different scenarios to make everyday Dutch encounters that much easier.

Her style of teaching was informal and personal, meaning that we all received enough 1-to-1 attention while also feeling comfortable to jump in and participate.


Arturo - Mexico

Last year I was preparing for the inburgeringsexam to become Dutch. Avalon helped me by tailoring her Dutch class to pass the exam successfully. Thanks to Avalon I passed the exam and while learning Dutch we also had fun on the side, making a gezellige environment for everyone. Thank you Avalon!

Claudia - Colombia

The lessons with Avalon are agile and concrete, you do not see the time passing! The groepjes are small so we can all talk, improve our speech and practice the grammar. The friendly nature of the classes makes us trust Avalon and each other and that makes learning much more fun!

I highly recommend!

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