Privacy declaration

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Privacy Statement AvaLingua

   Version: 17th of November 2023


AvaLingua is concerned with your personal data.

We take care to use and process your data in a secure way, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Dutch: Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)).

This privacy statement informs you about the data we collect, why we do this, and to explain your rights about it. AvaLingua takes responsibility for processing your data correctly. If you have any further questions regarding your privacy, please contact AvaLingua via


Article 1: Data and purposes

AvaLingua Exchange can use your data in several ways:


1.1 Subscription for a language course

When you subscribe to join a meeting, we ask for your personal data, like: your name, phone number, email address and direction. We use these data: to provide you with relevant information about the course and to offer you adequate service.


1.2 Email, reviews of experiences and pictures

Emails that have been sent to us, will be stored by us if they contain a suggestion, complaint or certain information (such as as  review or a picture). We will store this as long as is necessary to guarantee a service as good as possible. We will also store these data for legitimate and essential corporate purposes, such as keeping AvaLingua operational, for making data-based corporate decisions regarding new functions and possibilities, to meet our legal obligations and for settling disputes.

Upon your request, we will remove or anonymize your personal data, so you can not be identified with these anymore, unless we have legal permission or are legally obliged to store certain personal data, i.e. in order to send you an invoice.


1.3 Invoice

When you receive an invoice from us, the following data will be processed: your name, your company name (if applicable), your email address, outstanding payments and your invoice address (if applicable). These data are necessary for successfully completing a payment. We are legally required to store these data for a period of seven years, as specified by The Tax and Customs Administration (Dutch: Belastingdienst). After this period, we will remove these data.

1.4 Payment services

In order for AvaLingua to organize the financial part of the company. We use an accountant (Kees de Boekhouder) and for a part of the payments we use a payment provider (Mollie B.V.).

1.4.1 Kees de Boekhouder

We have enlisted the services of Kees de Boekhouder to manage our administration and accounting processes. In this regard, we share specific details, including your name, address, residence information, and order details. This information is utilized exclusively for the administration of our invoices. Your personal data is transmitted and stored securely. Kees de Boekhouder is bound by confidentiality obligations and is committed to treating your data with the utmost discretion. Your personal information will not be utilized for any purposes beyond the administration of our invoices, and Kees de Boekhouder will uphold the confidentiality of your data as a priority. Kees de Boekhouder does not engage in the use of your personal data for any purposes other than those explicitly outlined above. You could read more here (in Dutch).

1.4.2 Mollie B.V. ("Mollie")

We utilize the services of Mollie for processing some payments. Mollie is a third-party payment processor that facilitates secure online transactions. By using these services, you agree to Mollie's terms of service and privacy policy, in addition to our own privacy outlined herein. If you use Mollie’s services, the following personal data are processed: your payment details (e.g. bank account number or credit card number), your IP address, your internet browser and device type. And in some cases: your first and last name, your address details, your e-mail address and/or telephone number, information about the product or service that you have purchased from AvaLingua, other personal data that you actively provide, for example in written correspondence or via telephone when you contact the customer service of Mollie.

1.5 Pictures

Whenever we take pictures during a class, we will always announce this in advance, and ask for your verbal consent before using these pictures on our website and/or on social media.

1.6 Video recording

In some occasions, we record our classes, we will always announce this in advance, and ask for your written consent to video record. We may use and share these video recordings with other students within AvaLingua for educational purposes.

1.7 Website

Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. for marketing purposes. Our website contains links to other websites, that may use (other) cookies. If you want more information about this, please refer to the cookie policy and/or privacy statement of those other websites.

1.8 Newsletter

You can subscribe to receive our newsletter. In this newsletter, we will inform you about our Dutch language courses and other relevant information, such as tips to learn Dutch. To be able to send you the newsletter, we will use your name and email address. Every newsletter has an option to unsubscribe for future newsletters. If you decide to unsubscribe, the aforementioned data will also be removed

1.9 Facebook

When you like or follow our Facebook page AvaLingua, you are able to unlike of unfollow this page at any moment.
When you get in touch with us via Facebook by means of a private message to Avalon Veld, or the chat functionality on the AvaLingua Facebook page, AvaLingua will handle it personally. Please refer to Facebook’s privacy statement to inform yourself about your privacy, when using Facebook.

1.10 Instagram

We are administrators of the AvaLingua page on Instagram. If you choose to follow this page, or like any content on this page, your name will be visible. You can unfollow this page or ‘unlike’ any messages at any moment. If you post anything on this page, your post will be publicly visible. If you get in touch with us through a private message, AvaLingua will respond to you privately. Please refer to Instagram’s privacy statement to inform yourself about your privacy, when using Instagram.

1.11 YouTube

We embed YouTube videos on our website in a Privacy Enhanced Mode. Cookies will not be used. This way, YouTube will not store information about you, unless you choose to play the YouTube video after all. When we share YouTube videos directly with you, we refer to the YouTube API Services terms of Service for more information.

1.12 Whatsapp

We use a whatsapp business number. If you get in touch with us through a private message, AvaLingua will respond to you privately. To optimize communication within the students of the small groups, we will create Whatsapp groups, after your permission only. You could leave the group at any moment. For more information, please refer to the WhatsApp Business Data Processing Terms.

1.13 Zoom

The classes could also take place online. For the online classes we are using the program Zoom. We advise you to​ download the Zoom app and set it up properly. Next to that, we advise you not to send any sensitive information. After the classes we will remove the data. Please refer to​ Zoom's privacy statement to inform yourself about your privacy, when using Zoom.

Article 2: Acquiring your data

We acquire your data from you as a result of one or more of the following actions:

  • You send us an email or a message;
  • You call us;
  • You subscribe to a course or the newsletter

Article 3: Your rights regarding your personal data

  • Right to inspect: if you want to look into your data, you can send us a request by email.
  • Modification: if you want to modify your data, you can send us a request by email.
  • Objection: you have the right to object against the processing of your data.
  • Revocation: you can revoke the permission you have given us to process your data at any moment. Keep in mind that this will affect the services we can offer you.

The aforementioned requests and modifications can be mailed to After that, we will take adequate measures, depending on the request or modification.


Article 4: Data Processing Agreements

We will use the data you provided for corporate purposes only and we will not share them with third parties, unless we have a legal obligation to do so. To warrant your privacy, we have arranged data processing agreements with the companies whose services we use.


Article 5: Storing your data

We will store your personal data for a maximum period of six months, using a cloud service (Google). We take adequate safety measures on a frequent basis, to store these data in a correct way.


Article 6: Confidential during the class

The information shared by students in the class will AvaLingua never communicate with any other party.


Article 7: Final clauses

We can modify this privacy statement from time to time. Whenever these modifications are significant, we will clearly notify you. We will send you a notification email in any case if you have subscribed to receive our newsletter. If you have chosen not to share your email address with us, we recommend you to check our privacy statement on our website on a regular basis, to stay up to date. Whenever you receive such a notification, we recommend you to read it carefully.

You have the right to register a complaint at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) whenever you feel the need to do so. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the processing of your data, you can get in touch with AvaLingua via