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Women’s Academy
Twice a year, there is the opportunity in a community center in The Hague, De Mussen, to participate in the so-called Women’s Academy (De Vrouwenacademie).
The Women’s Academy offers women a 2-year study in care or childcare and after that a job in these areas. To start with the studies, the women need a B1 level in Dutch. Therefore, AvaLingua supports a part of these women to raise their language level to the B1 level. Within 4 months the women go from level A2 to level B1. The small group meets two half days a week. They will receive intensive Dutch language practice. We practice the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. During the lessons a lot of new subjects are comping up. Further practice is done at home (mostly online).
At the end of the course, there is an exam for each of the mentioned skills. All the students receive a certificate upon completion of the course!
This is a photo of some women who obtained their certificate in February 2023. Congratulations ladies! Very well done! And thank you Corrie, the teacher, for your enthusiasm and your great classes!

Women's Academy De Mussen is partly made possible by a subsidy from the EFRO / Kansen voor West (European Union)

Would you like to know more about the project? Read more here.

Women's Academy

Ukrainian teachers

Nine teachers from the Ukrainian school at Johan de Witt in The Hague, have been taking Dutch language lessons with AvaLingua. They teach different subjects to Ukrainian teenagers (12 -18 year old) like mathematics, sports, English and art. Eight of the teachers are from Ukraine and 8 came recently to the Netherlands because of the current situation in Ukraine.

When we started - in October - everyone had already learned a little bit of Dutch themselves. With the lessons we learn more and structured Dutch. How do we do that? We have 2 groups: an A1 group, a real beginners group, and an A2 group, they can already speak a little bit more Dutch. We practice different skills: reading, writing, listening and especially speaking.

We combine online classes with classes in the classroom, according to their schedule and my schedule.

If you pass by our classroom on a Tuesday afternoon, you will probably hear us laughing. Learning a new language is hard, but a lot easier when you enjoy learning the language together!


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