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Learning and Living Dutch: Online classes

Experience the Dutch language with private classes

The Dutch classes of AvaLingua are all about interaction and practicing your Dutch in real life. You will learn how to put your Dutch into practice in everyday situations. We will also be practicing this during our activities outside the classroom and for the online classes we created interesting different activities. Some examples of the activities are finding your way through the supermarket, interviewing people and ordering something in a cafe. In this way, you have the opportunity to experience using your Dutch while being guided by your teacher. Living and learning Dutch: That is the AvaLingua way of learning Dutch!

In short, during your classes you will learn and experience how to use the Dutch language actively in everyday situations. The main focus during the class will be on improving your speaking skills. Next to that, you we will improve your writing, listening and reading skills. We pay attention to grammar and vocabulary as well. 

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The private classes in short

By choosing for private classes, we are able to adjust the course to your needs. You could choose the level and the intensity of the classes. Next to that, you could decide on which specific skills you would like to focus, like: speaking, listening, reading, writing or grammar. We could also help you to prepare for an exam, like the inburgeringsexam (integration exam) or the Staatsexamen I and II. During the private classes you will have all the attention of the teacher and in that way you will progress faster.

More information about the private classes

  • Level: A1, A2, B1, B2 (CEFR)
  • Intake: before the start of the course we will do an intake.
  • Time schedule: AvaLingua recommends at least 1 class of 1-2 hours per week. We will make a convenient time schedule for you.
  • Homework: depending on if and how much you would like to do next to the classes.
  • Location: Online using Zoom. (In the future, we will provide classes in The Hague on location.)
  • AvaLingua offers different packages of private classes. The prices below are based on private classes for 1 person. It is also possible to take private classes with 2 or more people. This is ideal if you would like to do a course together with for example your partner, friends or colleagues. If you're interested in private classes together, you could contact us and request a quotation.
    • Free intake: plan it here.
      • 10 hours: € 650,-
      • 15 hours: € 945,-
      • 30 hours: €1800,-
  • Costs exam, study material, certificate: depending on what type of classes between € 60 - 75,- . If you choose to do an exam, you will receive a certificate upon successful completion  in which is stated that you followed the A1/ A2/ B1 / B2 course. Next to that there will be a CEFR indication. Read more information here.

Katya - Indonesia
"Within three months, I went from A0 to A2, and I improved my vocabulary, grammar, and confidence at AvaLingua! ?
I followed online private classes. I prefer private classes because it feels like I have the teacher’s whole attention. It gave me freedom to ask questions and I could make mistakes in speaking without feeling shy! I also liked the flexibility of private classes a lot.
My long-term goal is to settle in the Netherlands, so I’m looking forward to learn more Dutch with AvaLingua!"


New: Walk & Talk at the Beach

Would you love to walk, practice your Dutch and be at the beach at the same time? We offer conversational private classes at the beach!

How does it work? Together with your teacher you pick a topic, a date and a time, and you will meet at the beach (Zuiderstrand, The Hague). Then, you will go for a nice long walk along the beach and/or dunes while speaking Dutch. We will keep our 1,5m distance during the walk. A coffee/ tea to go is included.

Price: € 50,- per hour (or as part of your private course package)


Are private classes something for you?

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